A new conversational search engine from Perplexity AI has launched. It is modeled around OpenAI’s ChatGPT and uses a large language model (LLM) interface to offer information. 

However, Perplexity AI is currently under construction and has certain limitations tied to its online interface. 

This is totally free of cost. The best option for ChatGPT AI for referencing the sources utilized to produce replies. 

Perplexity performs many of the same tasks as a search engine. Instead of merely giving you a list as Google does, perplexity will come up with an answer that incorporates data from the top online results. 

It isn’t as ambitious a project as some of the other AI chatbots on our list, and it only has a team of eight people working on it, but it’s still a potent ChatGPT AI replacement. 

One feature that sets Perplexity different is the way it cleanly organizes the sources utilized to produce the answers it provides users with, allowing you to assess their legitimacy and credibility.  With ChatGPT, you lack this authority, which is a fantastic feature in a world plagued by false information. 

Do you have any opinions on this? Did everybody use New Perplexity AI? How have things gone thus far for you? Please let us know about that. 

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