Instructions on Using Nearby Share on Windows

With the release of a new Windows program, Google is bringing Android’s “Nearby Sharing” functionality to the desktop through Nearby Share.

Google claims that the new software would simplify file sharing across Windows and Android, allowing you to transmit files with only a few clicks and taps. Nearby Share operates similarly to Apple’s Airdrop technology. We can send file from one phone to another by connecting on same network, eliminating the need for emails or file links through Bluetooth.

As the majority of users just own their phone as an Android device, there is nothing to exchange files with.

Nearby Share

Installing Nearby Share on Windows.

First of all, your phone must be able to transfer files to your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC to use Nearby Sharing. Few things required to use nearby share on windows. 64-bit Windows and Windows 10.


1. VISIT The New Nearby Share Beta App for Windows | Android on your PC.

2. Please select the option to begin.

3. Download the.exe file, then run it.

4. Sign into your Google Account after the installation procedure is complete.

5. Be sure to give your PC a good title name on the setup page.

6. Choose to allowed to share with you under Receiving. 

7. Press “Done.”

According to Google, you may transfer “pictures, movies, documents, audio files, or whole folders between your Android handset and Windows Desktop.” We gave it a shot, and it appears to be working nicely. It’s quick and simple, and it happens at the speed of Wi-Fi.

This completes the setup procedure, and your device is now visible to whichever other devices you’ve designated.

On Android, you must transfer files using the share menu and pick “Nearby”; on Windows, you can just drag and drop files anywhere in the window, or you may even click Select Files or Select Folders for rapid selection. You may simply right-click on any file on your PC and choose to Send with Nearby Sharing.

The file will immediately download if you send it yourself. By using Nearby Share for Windows, we can transfer any file quickly and without a hitch.

Kindly write a message in our comment box if you are still having trouble.

Happy tomorrow, and thanks for your time.