How to Get Pregnant Fast: 5 Tricks to Boost Your Odds

There are many reasons for women and parents to get pregnant at a fixed time or age because of their needs and personal choices. We understand that. In this article, we are writing to you about these tricks that are clinically proven. So, no need to worry about them.

Can you get pregnant quickly?

The answer is YES. Getting pregnant for some people is easy. But, some women or men have trouble getting pregnant because of their imbalanced hormones and other underlying issues. Hormones or pregnancy hormones help in getting pregnant quickly.

These hormones aid in the growth and development of female sexual character traits. It usually develops in the ovaries. Additionally, the placenta produces it to support a healthy pregnancy.

In today’s modern time, our lifestyle is changing, so we do. It’s not like the 90s when everything was simple and clean. Today’s generation is running very fast, and our eating and lifestyle are also changing. We want to achieve everything at the time. If that does not happen, we get into stress, depression, and many more things. These things can lead to long-run problems. If we don’t take care of calculated women. We have to take care of all things before conceiving.

What should we avoid before conceiving? 

1. Don’t Stress Out because it’s not only stressing you out, it’s also affecting a baby. Remember, it’s not only a physical battle but also a mental one. Everything happens at the right time.

2. Don’t Do Intense Exercise. You must be aware doing intense workouts during pregnancy is prohibited. Try stretching, slow exercise, running, and yoga posture.

3. No Smoking and Alcohol. We know there may be some addicted women. Before conceiving a child, you should keep in mind that this is not about you now. It’s about your future child. It can affect the baby very dangerously.

4. Excessive Use Of Coffee. We are not saying just total cut-off caffeine. Doctors suggest you should have less than 200 milligrams of caffeine per day. More than that can affect your fertility.

5. Vaginal Douching, once you do this, the natural PH balance of a vagina is upset – Cervical mucus, which keeps sperm moving – is washed away and some helpful bacteria is also removed. 

Things you should try to get pregnant quickly


Couples who engage in sexual activity daily or every other day have the highest rates of pregnancy. If not possible, you can have sex near your ovulation time. Counting from the first day of their last period, most women ovulate between day 11 and day 21 of their cycle. This is your fertile time when having a sexual encounter has the highest likelihood of resulting in pregnancy.


You must be aware of this. Women who are overweight or underweight have a higher risk of developing ovulation problems

You can watch various exercise videos for this on other social platforms or consult your doctor. 


A properly balanced diet is very crucial in the early and after days. You should add proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to your balanced diet. You should strictly avoid fat and sweets. A properly balanced diet in the starting days can also help in your after days and reduce pregnancy symptoms like waves of nausea and constipation.


Many people don’t know that sleeping more is very important to women than men. Women need more time for sleep to feel refreshed, which balances their unbalanced hormones and mind. It gives you the proper energy to keep going on the day ahead. So my sleeping beauties, keep sleeping and dreaming.


Women should stop using birth control if they want to become pregnant. It will take some time for your fertility to return. Your fertility will return after stopping birth control methods.

It is possible to become pregnant in your first essentially fertile month, although there could be a few rough months when your cycle will take time to adjust.

I wish you good health and a healthy baby as well. If you liked this article, kindly don’t forget to share this with someone who wants to or is suffering to get pregnant.

Have a great day ahead. Thank you.