How can you earn money on MOJ APP through MINTS

MOJ APP shows up with a new program for creators, named as MFC Program (MOJ For Creators). In this program, they guide the creators and train new creators. They give them assignments, tasks, and quizzes to understand how short content form works.

This program is available in some languages right now. Also, all types of content categories are available. The content category is entertainment, dance, education and jobs, gaming lives, health and fitness, sports, technology, and many more.

You can apply for this program only when they organize new batches.

Make sure you update your number with MOJ BUDDY because only they will give you the Google forum for this, and you can start earning through MINTS.

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What is Moj MINTS?

Mints are App currency. You can earn mints on the platform, which can redeem for cash.

Earn Moj mints?

Mints are earning when you receive virtual gifts during your LIVE or through the ‘MOJ FOR CREATORS’ program.

Your supporter or daily user can send MINTS in your videos also. This feature is currently accessible to a few creators only.


It is a technical support provider to creators. They guide and give you feedback on your video and update you about everything happening on the app. Only creators who get selected for this program get- MOJ APP BUDDY assistant. You can apply for this through their website and app.  

moj app mints


The MOJ for Creators program gives you various monetization opportunities to the creators through:

1. Weekly performance-based incentives in the form of mints.

2. Cash vouchers for winning challenges & trends-based contests. 

3. Virtual gifting via LIVE – this feature is only given to ages above 18+ and a few creators. It is dependent upon your content quality and followers.

4. The chance to collaborate with brands and popular creators.

5. The chance to attend day outs and other events.

Now, let us come to the highlighted part of this article you all clicked on this post. Here we go:

How do you apply for MFC?

The MOJ app or the MFC website are both ways to sign up for the MOJ FOR CREATORS initiative.

If applying via the website, kindly follow the steps below: 

1. Click on the Join Now button.

2. Fill in your details in your application form.

3. Click on the Apply Now button to submit.

If applying via the app, kindly follow the steps below: 

1. Click on the profile button.

2. Go to the profile settings on the top right corner > Select Creator tools > Select Moj For Creators.

3. Click on the Complete Application button.

4. Kindly follow & complete all three steps as mentioned.

5. Kindly go through the terms of service and click on the check box to agree. 

6. Click on submit.

That’s all for this article. 

That is how you can earn money. This is a new way to have money. Kindly keep this in mind. To attain MINTS depends upon your quality content, consistent uploading, views, likes, and impressions. People will only support you through mints if they find your content interesting. So, work on your content, apply for the program, and be sure you will get it. It can pay you more than any cooperative job salary. More impression views mean more mints.

There are many other ways to earn money on this social platform. If you have more organic fans count. Brands or Agencies will instantly start reaching out to you.

Best Wishes, and who knows, you can be the next SOCIAL STAR.

Thank you.

Have a nice day!