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In celebration of two years since its founding, Moj has revealed the debut of Moj Live, a live-streaming platform that enables artists to demonstrate their skills and communicate with their audience in real time. With Moj Live, content creators from across the nation may produce work in different forms like creative styles, including stand-up comedy, Shayari, cookery, astrology, live chat shows, jam sessions, and live game streaming.

The business said, “On July 1, 2020, ShareChat debuted Moj in a time-record 30 hours. It has developed into a short video social network with more than 160 million monthly active users, 4.5 billion daily views, 50 million producers, and over 2.5 million original pieces of content published per day through its exclusive agreement with Flipkart, Moj has also emerged as the nation’s leading platform for video commerce.

They will be provided with the functionality and tools necessary to manage live sessions on a wide scale in their chosen language. Users app will be able to interact directly with their favorite producers from all around India and enjoy their engagement.

Moj Live offers virtual giving options so that users can show their appreciation and give their favorite creators rewards using cutting-edge 3D digital tokens. It will help creators monetize their material on the site. Additionally, creators may market companies and provide carefully chosen items to their fan bases by utilizing live commerce features.

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Moj earning system

“We are happy to formally debut our live video streaming platform on Moj’s second birthday,” said Amit Zunjarwad, Chief Product Officer of ShareChat and Moj.

With the help of Moj Live, our creator community will be given the tools they need to interact with their fans in real time and express themselves genuinely, creating vibrant communities. Through cutting-edge interaction strategies, virtual gifting, and live commerce, we are thrilled to be at the forefront of bringing this next-generation content platform to our artists and offering them an inclusive value, he added.

We have seen a significant uptake of Moj Live from our creative community since our progressive roll-out in the past several months, with more than 600,000 live broadcasts hosted by more than 150,000 artists.
With more than 600 million real-time interactions with the producers, users have seen over 275 million minutes of live content. One million users are now watching live video content on Moj every day as we officially launch Moj LIVE to a vast audience today.

Live streaming is the future significant paradigm change in video-based social networking, and the quick uptake and strong engagement rates support this claim. By promoting user engagement, creative growth, and monetization, Moj LIVE will undoubtedly contribute significantly to app success.

Moj Live includes:

For Creators:

1. Invite as many as three co-hosts as possible to the live session.
2. Utilize the newest augmented reality glasses and beauty filters throughout the live sessions.
3. To create and plan the exciting advertised live sessions.
4. Possibility to monetize content through digital gifting and real-world trade.
5. The capacity to pin informative and fascinating remarks.
6. Creators also have the option to remove a co-host from a live session, report comments, implement keyword filters, and block vengeful or abusive people to preserve civil discussions.
7. Having access to comprehensive analytics on audience and interaction for each live session.

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To the audience:

1.Access to a brand-new universe of live content from India’s top producers and celebrities in a part of the app devoted to live content.
2. Directly interacting with creators in good ways, viewers may express their opinions on the live stream by giving it a like, leaving a remark, inviting the host to join the live session, and can take the role of co-host.
3. To show their love and support as their biggest admirers, show appreciation for and reward creators with many eye-catching 3D virtual presents or gifts.
4. Choosing to learn about and be informed of interesting live events.

How to sign up for a live stream:

The Moj system will automatically offer you the live option if you are a popular creator with a sizable fan base; however, you must be at least above18 years old to use this live option.

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Moj live option will automatically become visible on your MOJ app screen after completing all the criteria and forums. Now enjoy your life and make as much money as you can. You may earn any amount you want and redeem it every day; there are no restrictions on how much money you can make.

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