Bed Tea: Poison or Medicine In Morning 2023?

What is bed tea?

Bed tea is a cup of tea. We all drink in the morning in our beds with empty stomachs. 

From ancient times, tea or tea plant was drunk by many people to better their health routine, but nowadays, people are using this to kick start their day or body. It is not best for their health. 

Drinking bed tea or coffee, especially on an empty stomach, can cause serious underlying health issues. We are not saying you can never drink this beverage. For sure, tea in small quantities matters a lot. 

Reasons you should avoid drinking bed Tea or Coffee.

As said earlier, we are not recommending you avoid drinking these beverages. For some people, this is a must-have thing to start their day. People are already addicted to this. If they do not drink tea or coffee in the morning, they start having headaches, mood swings, or low energy. 

We understand having tea or coffee in the morning for high energy is important sometimes, there are many other options in the market you can try and have a great healthy life.

Getting addicted to caffeine to start your day is not a good option- said many doctors. Drinking tea in small quantities is far much better than coffee. Tea on an empty stomach also messes with the metabolic system’s function. Both acidic and alkaline properties blend when you drink tea. The result is an increased metabolic system causing unease, pains in the stomach, and restlessness. 

So, these were some- disadvantages of drinking bed tea. Our main motto was to guide you to avoid excessive usage of this drink for a better future healthy life. There are many other options to drink in the morning. This morning drinks can switch your health style.

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Must have healthy drinks to bed drink in the morning:

There are lots of nutritious options to get your day going and speed up your metabolism. After eight hours of sleep, the body is already dehydrated. So, you can start the day with lukewarm water. If someone doesn’t like to drink pure water, we have an option, they can maximize the advantages by adding flavors like fennel seeds, cinnamon, or tulsi.

1. Lemon honey water – honey should be avoided by diabetics patient while drinking lemon water.

2Orange juice – one of the best sources of vitamin C.

3. Jeera water – it reduces blood cholesterol and is also a good source of iron.

4. Tulsi-ginger juice – it is beneficial for those with asthma.

5. Sauf cinnamon water – Rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory effects. 

6. Methi water – assists in weight loss and can help control blood sugar levels.

7. Additional – Combining vegetable juice with wheatgrass juice. It is high in antioxidants and also very healthy and tasty. 

So, these are the healthy drinks you should start drinking the next morning, and also share this healthy article with those who need it. Although we don’t recommend this to everyone, you can also consult your doctor before drinking anything, that’s because some people are on their prescribed medicines.

That’s all for today. I hope you all liked this recommendation. If yes, then don’t leave a healthy comment in our comment section. However, if you want more healthy suggestions, do let us know. We will be back with more interesting facts because we care for you and your family.

Thank you and have a great healthy life.